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Few Hours To Go; Checkout 3 Things Donald Trump Is Not Allowed To Do After Leaving Office

Few hours to go: Checkout 3 things Donald Trump is not allowed to do after leaving Office.

The US inauguration will take place 20th of January 2021, making it few hours left for Donald Trump to leave office. Bringing us to the fact that after he leaves Office there are certain things he is not allowed to do.

Checkout 3 things he is not allowed to do below.

1. A US Ex president can not drive himself or be in possession of a car key. Once a president’s term is over, they can not drive a car on an open road again. The reason is because of the lifetime Secret Service detail that all ex-presidents get and for security reasons.

2. Due to security reasons, an Ex president is not allowed to go anywhere alone, Security Agents have to follow him to protect him at all times and nothing like privacy.

3. You can’t go for phone shopping: we all know that some people love privacy and likes buying things for themselves, but as an Ex president, you are not allowed to do that, because any phone you want will be giving to you by the security service.

And we all know that Donald Trump has fleets of cars but after he leaves office, he must not be seen driving himself on an open road, going for phone shopping or even walking alone. Few hours for him to leave Office and on seeing 3 things he is not allowed to do, What do you think? 

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  1. But if this is a kind of U.S rules ehn is nonsense, that shit is obsolete….
    In this kind era such things still exist…

  2. That’s good decision

  3. Kinda nice tho

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