Deeper Life School Saga: Accused student denies bullying, molesting Don-Davies

One of the students who allegedly molested and bullied 11-year-old Don Davies Archibong in Deeper Life High School, Idoro, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Shalom Omoniyi, has denied the allegation levelled against him.

Parents of Don-Davies, Mr and Mrs Iniobong Archibong, had in a letter to the School through their Solicitors, Eagle-Eyes Network Chambers, dated December 22, 2020, alleged that Shalom and Ola engaged in sexual molestation of Don-Davies , oppressed him because he bed-wets at night.

Narrating his own side of the story, 13-year-old SS1 student and an indigene of Ekiti state, Shalom Omoniyi said their Boarding master, identified as Mr Nseabasi Joseph only asked him and Ola to help Don-Davies learn how to keep himself clean.

Shalom said that Joseph only gave him the task because Don-Davies was his bunkmate for two weeks.

His words, “Don-Davies was my bunkmate. I resumed School on November 1, 2020, to meet him as my bunkmate. But I was told that he was removed from the Junior students hostel to the Senior Students because the boarding of the Junior hostel Mr Akpan was sick and left his apartment within the School premises.

“We did not bully him (Ola and I). I did not molest him. The Boarding Master, Mr Joseph Nseabasi asked us to make sure he is always clean because when he Pooh’s or Pees on himself, he doesn’t clean up. And when he smells, and we ask him if he defecated, he will say no.

“But when we ask him to pull down his boxer and bend down, we will discover that he defecated without cleaning his anus. We will now ask him to go and take his bath or clean himself. And when we notice that his clothes are smelling, we will tell him to go and wash the clothes, but he will refuse, instead, he will go and pack the smelly clothes inside his cupboard”

The accused minor also disclosed that Don-Davies was, however, moved back to the Junior Students hostel when Akpan returned before School closed on December 19, 2020.

He further disclosed that Don-Davies may have been angry that they (him and Ola) didn’t do those things Mr Akpan was doing for him before he fell ill, noting, “Mr Akpan used to wash his clothes, bath him. He also helps him to brush his teeth.

“Mr Akpan returned to School before School closed on December 19, 2020. When he returned, Don Davies was also moved back to his former hostel. He was moved to Senior students hostel because when Mr Akpan was sick the Junior students hostel did not have a boarding master. He was moved out of our hostel on November, 15.”

He further disclosed that when Don-Davies was in his hostel, a female nurse used to come about 6:30 am to give him drugs every day on an empty stomach.

Asked if the School punished him and Ola for bullying, and molesting Don-Davies anus, he responded no.

“Don Davies reported us to the School Principal, (Mrs Ndidi Solomon, already suspended) that Ola and I bully him, stressing, “The Principal invited of us to her office and She told us that she was going to punish us. Even when we tried to explain things to her, She refused to listen. But She did not punish us”

On his part, the accused student’s father, Mr Olusegun Omoniyi, resident in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital, said since his son was admitted into that School from JSS1, that he has not received any bad report from the School concerning his conduct.

Mr Omoniyi said he was therefore surprised when Shalom, his son was mentioned in Don-Davies matter.

He explained that even when the Principal, Mrs Solomon contacted him saying that She was going to punish his son, She didn’t tell him the offence the boy had committed.

“So when I saw the story and the alleged involvement of my son, I decided to call my son and asked him why he bullied and molested the boy, but he said he did not do such thing.

“I cannot force my son to tell a lie. And I also allowed him to make statement o the Police last Thursday. And we are going to the police station again tomorrow (Tuesday) in continuation of this matter.

” I am not worried about anything because I believe that my son is telling the truth and I know the truth will prevail, no matter how long it takes. In fact, the whole story is too shallow for me to believe”, Mr Omoniyi said.

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I am a passionate mum that believes in equal rights for all Humanity.

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  1. Speechless, truth will always prevail as the father but u can’t say the whole story is shallow, molestation or bullied is not just an easy act that someone will just get through it even infact a lot commit suicide in the process and u call it shallow…. that is shallow way of thinking u urself……..

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