Deaf and mute girl is gang r3ped and murdered in India

Deaf and mute girl is gang r3ped and murdered in India

A 14-year-old, deaf and mute girl has been gang-r3ped and murdered with bricks and stones at her own school in India. 

A child was playing in Uttrita Middle School’s playground in Khirundha when he found the body of the disabled girl who had gone missing the night before, local media reported. 

Hundreds of local villagers gathered and the police found that the ninth grader’s face had been crushed with bricks and stones.

Balbadda police has detained four people to question about the r3pe and murder but said they are yet to make a breakthrough in the case. 

Police are still waiting for a post mortem report to reveal whether the child was murdered before or after she was r3ped.

The victim went missing on Saturday evening and was found dead the next morning sparking outrage in the community. 

Elected representative Deepika Pandey Singh said that what happened to this girl has shaken him and called for those to did it not to be spared.

Local government requested to fast track the case to court and to bring the harshest punishment to anyone involved.  

India was classified the most dangerous place for women in 2018 because of its high levels of domestic and sexual violence.

In 2017 r3pes that were reported to police amounted to 90 a day, according to government data. 

R3pe is one of the fastest growing crimes in India with the National Crime Records Bureau reporting in 2019 that the number of rape cases doubled in the 17 years between 2001 and 2017.    


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