Can You Eat Any Of These Bush Meat Caught By These Hunters

These animals in this pictures were caught by hunters in a local bush and from what you can see in the picture going by the number of animals on the picture, it shows that these people are really skilled hunters who are perfect in their craft of hunting bush meat and animals in the neighborhood.
These animals they caught will be sold at a high price because of its scarcity which is due to the fact that these animals can’t be caught by by anyone so if you see one then it is gotten from a tedious process.

Bush meat is best consumed in the barbecue form which is no different from other method of barbecue preparation the only difference is the bush meat is a lot more delicious than any other animal meat and that’s another reason it is expensive to purchase.

Even though some people may be against the killing of these bush animals they cannot deny the fact that these animals are too delicious to be ignored and that’s why the hunters risk there life and also spend some times pursuing these animals so my question to you is this; should the killing of these animals continue? If no is your answer, what’s the remedy to end the killing?
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