Are you seeking to download some of those funny and interesting videos from Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and don’t know how? Are you looking for a user-friendly software to help you accomplish this purpose at the drop of a hat? All Social downloader is the app you are looking for!

This app is an all-inclusive download solution that will go a long way to help you download your favorite videos from the most popular social media by requiring you to carry out some very simple instructions. The steps are very easy and can be done by just anyone who can read and write. To make it even more interesting, the application is intuitive, 100% free, and super-fast.

Just take a moment and imagine that you are on Facebook and you just stumbled on a catchy video that you’ll want to download in other to see it later, repost on other social media or even share them with your friends but then, the build of these Social Media will not allow you do so. What then is your next best bet?

With some other similar applications, you will be required to copy the download link of the video you want to download and paste it on the download. But All Social Downloader does it even better by including one more option to help you download any video at your convenience! Just tap and hold the video of interest of your interest and tap the “share” option. Then proceed to download the video by choosing the All Social Downloader download option.  When you’ve done this, the video will start downloading on the background. Soon enough, voila! You have the video all to yourself.

First, you will have to install the All Social Downloader app from Play Store and enjoy the feeling!

How to download any Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and WhatsApp video using the All Social Downloader:

  • Open All Social Downloader on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter accounts before downloading.
  • Tap and hold any video of your choice when the download option for All Social Downloader shows, tap it to download the video in the background.
App Interface

What are the features of All Social Downloader?

  • It is a free video downloader that helps you download videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter without any signup or inputting your credit card information.
  • It is a Super-fast video download solution, plus an additional download speed boost to make download faster.
  • You can download videos in the background while you get busy with other things.
  • Also, you will enjoy the benefit of being notified with a download notification. This will help you know the status of your download anytime and how soon you will finish it.
  • There is also a provision in the app that will allow you to download several videos at a go. This is a very handy strategy if you have lots of videos to download in a very short time, especially when you have a blazing network connection.
  • An intuitive download manager that will allow you to resume, pause and remove downloads
  • Failed downloads can also be resumed with this application
  • The app also auto resumes a download when the network becomes available
  • It supports the download of High Definition videos
  • You can play the downloaded videos offline
  • It supports paste links, shares the video across several platforms, and even a delete option if you don’t want the video on your phone anymore.
  • All Social Downloader is very easy to use with some very simple steps
  • The user interface is apt, and it is user-friendly
  • The app is lightweight, and it will not occupy lots of spaces in your device
whatsapp Link Interface

All Social Downloader is an intuitive and user-friendly video downloader that is dedicated for the download all types and sizes of videos from your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tiktok, and twitter feeds or even from pages and groups. You can download any video of your interest in your device and with very simple to follow straightforward steps. There is a download manager that serves as a keep house for all the video clips you downloaded previously. After each download session, you can disconnect your internet connection if you want to check and check out the video in the download manager and watch it!

Instagram Link Interface

The application’s multi-function design and its impressive but simple design will easily manage social media videos that you’ve already downloaded. It is indeed beginner-friendly and very efficient.

Tiktok Limk Interface

All Social downloader is also supportive of multi-task downloads. This means that you can download different social media videos at the same time without having to download them one by one. It has an incredible ability to capture a video you intend to download very fast. The default download mode is super-fast, and the speed can increase appreciably with an increasing network strength and availability. When all of its features are taken into cognizance, All Social Downloader will surely give other downloaders of its kind a run for their money.

The build of the app is apt, and there is no question that you will enjoy it. But, in case you have any suggestion to make, All Social Downloader includes a section in the application where you can send feedback or suggestions to the developer to make the app better.  

So, All Social Downloader is a nice download tool for all social media platforms that deserve to be installed in just a phone. Just try it out, and you will always be happy that you did.


Even though All Social Downloader is a downloading tool for downloading videos across almost social media platforms, it does not identify as an affiliate partner with any social media platforms. It is simply a tool for downloading videos from the above-mentioned social media.

The app contains some paid ads but will not compel you to take any action on the ads without your consent.

We have huge respect for the copyright and intellectual properties of content owners. In other not to breach any copyright policy, please DO NOT download social media videos without having due permission from the owner.


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