After years of fertility issues, a mother finally has quadruplets.


Having struggled with infertility for years, a mother has described the moment she learned she was expecting quadruplets from her doctor.

When the pair received the good news last year, Natalie Maree, 30, from Roebourne in Western Australia, claims her husband Kahn “nearly passed out.”

The parents have been transparent about life with their two-year-old Kiki, Maioha Khan, Frankee Gene Marley Rose, and Maddison Grace.

After receiving a diagnosis of “anovulation” — unexplained infertility — several years ago, Natalie received frequent hormone injections.

After years of doubting their ability to procreate, she and Kahn were thrilled to finally receive daughter Kiki.

They had no idea they would be having four children, so they were even more stunned to learn Natalie was expecting again last year.

The young mother claimed that when she learned she was carrying quadruplets during the normal sonography scan, her “mouth dropped.”

The children of the couple are Maioha Khan, Frankee Gene Marley Rose, and Maddison Grace. (Image from Instagram/Kiki and the Quads)
After being identified as having “anovulation,” the mother had frequent hormone injections. (Image courtesy of Kiki and the Quads on

She said in an interview with That’s Life that she “squinted at the hazy screen” before spotting two sacs and yelling, “Twins!”

She then enquired as to whether or not she was carrying triplets after the sonographer corrected her.

The sonographer slowly shook his head, according to Natalie. He held up four fingers without saying a word after that!

The mother-of-five delivered the quadruplets by C-section at 34 weeks, and since then, she has been keeping followers updated on the family’s progress via her Instagram profile, Kiki and the Quads.

The couple ‘counts down’ the minutes till the next feed as it takes them 90 minutes to feed all four infants.

In a recent post on her Facebook, Natalie attacked the notion of the “after-baby body bounce back” by showing two very contrasting images.

In one, she was smiling and wearing a t-shirt; in the other, her top was pulled up to display her five-week-old baby’s stomach.

She was photographed with her enormous tummy while carrying four infants. Image courtesy of Instagram/Kiki and the Quads
The mother now uses Instagram to share the experiences of her family (Image from Instagram/Kiki and the Quads)

She admitted that she had thought about publishing just the first picture, but she didn’t want to “prevent a false sense of realism.”

She said to her 29,000 fans: “If I had simply posted the first picture, people would have commented something like, “You look wonderful for just having quads.”

You should be so proud of what your body has accomplished, someone told me if I had simply posted the second shot.

She continued, “In actuality, I feel gorgeous in the first picture. Truth be told, I am quite proud of what my body has accomplished and is capable of.

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