‘What My Fiancée Told Me That Is Bothering Me’

The girl I am engaged to and want to marry told me today that i love her more than she loves me. What does this mean?

There was something we were discussing and I told her there are several things that she does that makes me doubt if she truly loves me. She then replied saying, she loved her ex more than he loved her, and so she decided to not love anyone more than she loves them. That as for me, I love her more than she loves me, that’s why I sometimes thinks she doesn’t love me.

I told her this is not something you tell someone you want to marry and she said I am taking it too far.

Please am I making a mistake to want to marry her? Does she love me? Or am I taking her statement too far like she said?

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  2. Let her leave, if she got angry base on this, what abt after marry her.
    What hppn between her previous shld not be the reason ruin the future she is trying to create.

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