Unpopular Tech Jobs That Pay More Than The Popular Ones

There are several clubs and rooms in clubhouse app you can learn a lot and even pitch your ideas if you think you have a sound idea.

To pitch your idea as a Nigerian to investors abroad is nearly impossible. Those who have been lucky so far are very very few and they go through rigorous process. Most times some countries are flagged and priorities are given to western countries.

In club house app, you get to speak to these investors and even connect with them freely.

Just make sure your idea is very sound, because a lot of people will be listening. Don’t go and embarrass yourself.

Also, there are other room and clubs that I have found very interesting.

There is a club that focus on careers in tech and Remote opportunities for unpopular Tech Jobs that companies are looking for and willing to pay more.

This club talks about all the tech jobs that most people have refused to look into. Because everyone is talking about javascript or data analytics everybody’s attention is on it. But what everyone fails to realise is, there are other roles too that even pay more than these popular ones and the reason they pay higher is cos there are very few people qualified for it.

So while you are looking at switching careers, know that regardless of your educational background, anyone can break into tech and get a very decent pay if they have the right information and mentor.

I currently work remotely as a Salesforce administrator. Got this job on indeed.com right after I received my training from a tech mentor whom I connect with at the NGO I was formerly working. She also runs the club (link already shared) on clubhouse.

One thing I can say is there is a huge difference between watching tutorial videos on YouTube or website and having a mentor guide you through a path.

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