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UK: Mum Dies Suddenly While Cuddling Her Baby Girl, Leaving Doctors Baffled(Pix)

UK: Mum Dies Suddenly While Cuddling Her Baby Girl, Leaving Doctors Baffled(Pix)

LIVES CHANGED FOREVER: A HEARTBROKEN husband says his family’s lives have been “changed forever” after his wife died suddenly while cuddling their baby daughter.

Samantha Clarke, 25, died at her home in Colchester, Essex on September 4, with doctors now examining the cause of her shock death.

Her husband Christian, 28, discovered his childhood sweetheart Samantha unresponsive after being woken by baby Ava crying.

Samantha had fallen asleep cuddling Ava.

When Christian went to pick up the baby he realise Samantha, who he had been with for 11 years, wasn’t responding.

The heartbroken husband has spoken of his grief after finding the young mum’s body.

He said: “I grabbed her arm to move it but she was really cold and stiff and her eyes were slightly open.

“I just kept shouting her name and after calling the ambulance I just started giving her CPR.

But the whole time I knew she had died, but I did my absolute best to give her every chance of surviving.

“That whole morning will stick with me for a very long time – if not forever.”

Since her death Samantha has been examined at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and tests are being carried out to determine if she suffered from diabetes or a heart condition.

Christian has been left devastated by his wife’s tragic death, but said he is determined to remain strong for his daughter.

Christian, who proposed to Samantha on a mountain top in Switzerland, added: “Our lives have been changed forever and they will be forever tainted by the fact Ava will not grow up with a mum.

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