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Trump’s wax figure moved from Texas museum after visitors kept ‘punching’ it, Internet says ‘who could resist’

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks removed Trump’s wax statue from public view after it was repeatedly beaten up and vandalized. It’s now been transferred into storage, according to the latest reports from the San Antonio Express-News.

Clay Stewart, the regional manager of parent company Ripley’s Entertainment, reportedly said that the scratches on Trump figure’s face were damaging. “When it’s a highly political figure, attacks can be a problem,” Stewart said, according to the Express-News.

San Antonio Express-News writer Randy Diamond reported that the statue had been punched, scratched, beaten and all around abused before being sent away to the storage room at the museum. It didn’t take long for the museum to realize that patrons were not all that happy with the statue. At first, they moved it to the front lobby so that security could watch over it. But that didn’t discourage visitors from “punching” and “scratching” the model. This mistreatment left deep cuts on its face. Finally, after four years, the museum was forced to remove it from the floor altogether.

Reports reveal that the museum doesn’t plan to bring the statue back from storage till the time they get the new wax figure of President Joe Biden and add it into the rotation. Stewart says that it’s currently still under production in Orlando, Florida.

Wax replicas of Trump haven’t been welcome in other Tussaud museums either. If anything, the latest reports are proof of that. In October 2020, Madame Tussaud’s Berlin branch got rid of its Trump statue when it changed its exhibits in order to condemn his administration’s politics. Following his loss in the 2020 presidential election, the London branch put its Trump statue in golf attire to signal “his potential 2021 wardrobe”.

Twitter is in splits since news broke out. “The Texas wax museum removed the statue of Donald Trump because people were punching it and scratching it. Texas finally did something right,” one tweeted. “On the one hand, you’re thinking “Who would imagine that this would keep hapoening in Texas?” and on the other, you’re thinking “Actually, it’s DEFINITELY the kind of thing you’d imagine happening in Texas.”” another user noted. “That sounds about right, who could resist?” joked another.

Another user took a jab at Trump with regards to the latest images of his from Mar-a-Lago, in which he looks pale and sick. “Cant convince me this isnt the trump statue from the wax museum,” they said.

After the riots of January 6, 2021, Trump left the White House with record-low approval ratings. According to a February poll conducted by YouGov and The Economist, Trump was named the worst president in U.S.

history. However, two months into leaving, his base remains strong. According to a recent survey obtained by The Hill, he is reportedly the top contender for a 2024 presidential GOP race with the support of 51 percent of GOP voters ahead of the upcoming primaries. The same survey revealed that 88 percent of voters registered Republicans or who affiliate as Republicans approved of the job Trump did as president.

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