”They are very stupid” – Bashir El-Rufai rains curses on Muslims criticizing him over his loved-up photos with his wife

One of the sons of Kaduna state governor, Bashir El-Rufai, has rained curses on Muslims criticizing him over his loved-up photo with his wife, Nwakego Kazaure.

Bashir El-Rufai shared the loved-up photos of both of them on his social media handles. Some Muslims felt the photos were ‘Inappropriate’ and called him out for them.

However, Bashir has replied his critics calling them ‘Stupid”.


His response reads

”If my pictures with my wife does not sit well with some & due to the various unsolicited opinions, I’d just like to use this opportunity to say that they are very stupid & if there’s any other way these pictures can make them feel worse than they already do, please let me know.”

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  1. They are examples of people who carry religion on their head

  2. How do you feel nw? Nonsense!!!

  3. See how them dey disgrace themselves

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