The “Small Sin” That Will Send The Most People To Hell-fire.


I call them the Powerful Trio. Just like Ronaldo-Tevez-Rooney/ Bale-Benzema-Cristiano/ Messi-Suarez-Neymar kinda trio
When they attack and you don’t defend hard, a goal is inevitable.
IF you watch the videos of most people who went to Hell and came back, they’ll tell you, I saw a woman/man who was crying, “I should have FORGIVE him/her.”
So now you know, that sin is UNFORGIVENESS. I’ve watched numerous videos and the common denominator is UNFORGIVENESS in all its ramifications.
People come around you or post how they no longer womanize, smoke, drink, wankk, sezz, steal, lust etc.
They go on in that line and never notice that we have;

  1. Physical sins. (You may stop this because of what people will say. It’s morally wrong also.)
  2. Spiritual sins. This has been modernised. -Lies AKA white lies/diplomacy.
    -Malice AKA good riddance to bad rubbish. -Filthy Communication AKA freedom of speech. People love lies. Some jobs demand you to lie, it’s also tagged “discretion”. How easy!
    Follow the build-up,
    Anger-Wrath-Malice. .
    (He gets you ANGRY (not necessarily a sin), you think about it and WRATH builds up (sin is knocking), then you see him and ignore, MALICE scores the goal (that’s Unforgiveness in progress, that’s a sin) Then FILTHY statements comes in because WRATH voice harsh words
    As it’s written, if you don’t forgive, your Heavenly Father won’t forgive you: So could it be that you’re living free from fornication and adultery but God hasn’t forgiven your sins EVEN IF YOU ASKED FOR MERCY simply because you failed to forgive that person?
    Solomon the wisest man said, It’s the little foxes that spoils the vine. Not the big foxes. Little ones!
    Nobody notices the anger in your heart. Nobody saw your motive for preaching on the street(you want tell people you’re a Christian). Nobody saw your motive for praying loud at night (to tell the neighbours something, PRIDE). Nobody saw your motive for singing that hymn when you and your spouse are having a disagreement…No one except GOD!
    No wonder Jesus eradicated the law and prophet and place it all on LOVE. If you love God and people, you won’t criticize them for being sinners. You will forgive their errors and wrongs. That’s not their sentence. They want out. But you saw it as an avenue to make them feel horrible. That’s hypocritical. That’s not LOVE.
    Most of these folks are like Jonah, they are ladikal plophets but don’t want anyone else saved. They always want to judge others. TODAY, God is saying, quit that self-righteous position and love people. It’s this love that brings them to Christ. John 13:35 (By LOVE, shall all men know you are My disciples)

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