When you want to do the business of wealth with God, He needs more than your money. He needs more than your business, He need your heart.
My son, give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways,
When I have your heart first, then you can understand my methodology. I want your heart not just your tithe. Not just your offering, not just your sacrifice. Is amazing how we engage this things as thou we are bribing God. God here is my tithe make sure I see the devourer far from me. Make sure you bring me this, quickly I drop it. No No
Your heart us the trail all your offerings are receive from. Listen very carefully. Your heart, so you can come out of an suv that is hundreds of million of naire worth, and yet it does not move you because He has capture your heart. Please hear me, this the one mistake of the prosperity gospel pastor. It does not seek to surrender the heart of that which wish to prosper. If God does not find your heart I don’t care what you are doing about wealth is a total waste of time and it will not bless the kingdom…
Sir I summit to you that many believer are not ready for the prayers they are praying. Lord bless me, Lord I promise I will not leave you. Money is powerful, there is a dangerous spirit behind money. That if you heart is still with you, that it will tear you like a lion. You cannot handle money when your heart is with you. The pride of life that come with money. It has nothing with being good or bad.
There is an effect of resources on a human being and it is only the surrender nature of your heart… People give God offering of 100 hundred naire and right after the service they eat buns of 2 thousand. Where your treasure is, that where your heart is…. He say that I will not give God anything that will not cost me nothing. Is not about the money is the position of value…. See let me tell you sincerely and I stand before the God of heaven I have told God anything I cannot give Him may it never come to me. Never…. WHEN YOU GET TO THIS STATE THEN YOU ARE READY TO PROSPER.



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