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Texas residents line-up to fetch water from borehole amid power outage (Video)

Residents of Texas have been seen in a viral video lining up to fetch water amid days of blackout in the state occasioned by failure in natural gas operations.

According to operators, the bulk of the power loss in Texas came from natural gas suppliers as pipelines froze, making it difficult for plants to get the fuel they needed.

Electricity is normally used to pump water into the homes of residents but since the outage, many have resorted to seeking alternative ways of accessing their daily needs.

In a video shared online by abc reporter, Erica Simon, citizens could be seen in a queue holding buckets and dispenser containers as they fetched water from a borehole tap.

Watch the video clip below:

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  1. Thats is serious ooooooo, but is natural sometimes…

  2. This is serious!

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