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The Beginning to the End of the Universe: The mystery of dark energy

The universe isn’t just expanding, it’s accelerating. For almost a century, astronomers have known that the universe is expanding. Space-time is stretching itself out over billions of light-years, carrying the galaxies within it apart, like raisins embedded within a rising loaf of bread. This steady expansion, pitted against the cosmos’ urge to collapse under its own gravity,…

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Perseverance rover has successfully landed on Mars and sent back its first images

By Ashley Strickland, CNN (CNN)The NASA Perseverance roversafely landed on Mars after its 292.5 million-mile journey from Earth, the agency confirmed at 3:55 p.m. ET Thursday. The rover landed itself flawlessly, according to the mission’s team.”Percy,” as the spacecraft is affectionately called at mission control, sent back its first images of the landing site immediately after touchdown, which shows…

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A Chinese spacecraft has arrived at Mars and is preparing to explore its surface, the country has said. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft is one of three missions to the red planet arriving this month. It comes a day after a UAE spaceraft successfully went into orbit around the planet, and ahead of the arrival of Nasa’s Perseverance rover. The Chinese mission is…

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NASA tracking two giant asteroids set to collide with Earth’s orbit next week

February 2021 will be welcomed in with a visit from two giant asteroids that will collide with Earth’s orbit at whopping speeds, NASA’s centre for Near Earth Object Studies said. Astronomers at NASA’s Centre for Near Earth Object Studies are tracking two giant asteroids that are set to collide with Earth’s orbit. The cosmos will be kicking off February with a…

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Physicists have discovered that rotating black holes might serve as portals for hyperspace travel

Scientists once thought that traveling into a black hole would kill you. But now, physicists have run computer simulations to show that certain types of black holes — large, rotating ones — could serve as portals for hyperspace travel. Some physicists believe that you’d arrive at a remote part of the Milky Way or perhaps in another galaxyaltogether. One of the safest passageways might…

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Mystery anomaly weakens Earth’s magnetic field, report scientists

A strange weakness in the Earth’s protective magnetic field is growing and possibly splitting, shows data. “The South Atlantic Anomaly” in the Earth’s magnetic field is growing and possibly splitting, shows data. The information was gathered by the ESA’s Swarm Constellation mission satellites. The changes may indicate the coming reversal of the North and South Poles. A…

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World’s largest solar telescope in Hawaii releases its first image of 10,000-mile wide sunspot that could fit the entire Earth inside

The Inouye Solar Telescope captured its first image of a sunspot  The image achieved  a spatial resolution about 2.5 times higher than others The sunspot measures 10,000 miles across and its center is is 7,500F The world’s largest solar telescope captured its first image of a sunspot and just shared it to the world. The US National Science Foundation’s…

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