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» Indonesian Star Female Volleyball Player Confirmed To Be A Man After 28 Years (Pics)

For years, Aprilia Santini Manganang and the Indonesian Women’s Volleyball Association had been fighting off accusations that she was actually a man, but this year, Manganang was finally confirmed to actually be male. A member of Indonesia’s national women’s volleyball team, Aprilia Manganang also played in several local club teams in Indonesia, as well as in Thailand….

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Bizarre, Monstrous Half-Alligator Half-Fish Animal Spotted In Singapore (Pics)

A monstrous ‘prehistoric’ fish that looks like an alligator sparked a marine mystery after it was discovered washed up by a reservoir in Singapore.  The remains of the creature were discovered on the banks of the MacRitchie Reservoir, where locals struggled to identify it. It was discovered by Karen Lythgoe, 31, a Scottish national now living in…

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Indonesian Child Rapist Begs For Mercy As He Receives 146 Lashes (Photos)

An Indonesian man collapsed and begged for mercy as he was flogged nearly 150 times today for raping a child in a province where public whipping is a common punishment for violating Islamic law. The 19-year-old grimaced and cried out as a masked sharia officer lashed his back with a rattan stick in the town of Idi….

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