STYLEThis New AMA Lagos Collection is a One-Stop Shop for the Corporate Man

Bespoke menswear brand AMA Lagoshas unveiled its new collection themed the Corporate man.

This collection looks into the lifestyle of a corporate working man, with the aim of resolving his personal styling in the corporate scenes and world. This look book is the perfect combination of a variety of designs to enable diversity in modes of dressing while carrying out collective economic and social duties.

Corporate man collection looks to create a consciousness of fashion choices, change the narrative around ethnic clothing for work while making more workwear options available. The overall vision of this collection is to encourage a risk-taking, stylish, and functional wardrobe for the corporate man.

The collection offers suits in two and three-piece options, kaftans and agbada adorned in phoenix and sharaba embroidery and styled in Awolowo and tandara caps.

See the full collection below









Creative Director/Model:@afolabi_adekoya



This New AMA Lagos Collection is a One-Stop Shop for the Corporate Man

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  1. Wow so classy, there was a saying; u will be addressed the way u dress….
    That’s really true.

  2. Wow handsome. It makes a man look more responsible

  3. Wow handsome very nice outfit

  4. Wow amazing

  5. Wow fantastic

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