Safety above Profit: Air Peace Test Runs Its Aircrafts, Retrains Pilots and Crew Members in View of resuming Full Operations

Since the arrival of Air Peace in the Nigerian aviation industry, the company has remained a timeless trailblazer. As airlines across the world are warming up to resume operations after the global shutdown that was orchestrated by the COVID-19 outbreak, Air peace has once again raised the bar high.

On Wednesday, June 24, Air Peace in preparation to resume operations flew all its fleets of aircraft across the Nigerian airspace to ascertain its airworthiness. The exercise termed “shakedown flights” was carried out with the airline’s varied fleet of 25 aircraft including three mega aircraft, the Boeing 777s. The aeroplanes were flown to Abuja, Port Harcourt and back to Lagos without passengers inside.

Stanley Olisa, the Spokesperson of the airline, noted that during close to three months the aircraft were grounded, they were constantly being maintained by their group of engineers. He added that at Air Peace, safety remains the topmost priority and that the “shakedown flights” exercise was an extra security measure they undertook to ensure that their aircraft are perfectly fit for skies before resuming operations. 

In the same pedestal, he further added that the airline’s pilots and flight attendants have all been retrained in line with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) directives.

When asked about their preparedness to fully commence regular flight activities, Olisa stated: “As you know, we have been operating ‘special flights’ to local and international destinations, and we have more of such flights in the works. This accentuates our preparedness for operation restart as our pilots, cabin crew and engineers have been hands-on and are very current. So, we are hundred percent ready to resume”.

Even amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Air Peace has gained momentum for operating charter and evacuation flights to various international destinations.

Olisa pinpointed that in April, the airline delivered Federal Government’s medical supplies from Turkey and China to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that Air Peace had also operated several evacuation flights to India, Israel and China in the last two months while plans are just being concluded to use the airline to evacuate about 317 passengers from London to Nigeria in a couple of days.

On the affordability of the airline’s services, he maintained that notwithstanding its formidable safety measures, Air peace provides passenger and charter services at a very affordable rate. And, that while covering major cities in Nigeria, the airline also flies to Accra, Freetown, Banjul, Dakar, Monrovia and Dubai via Sharjah International Airport and connect to 23 other destinations, with more to follow in no distant time.


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