“Nigeria women must unite under one body called “Mothers’ for change”.
The market women, widows, mother’s union, the asalatu women, girls from birth can also be in this group.

For the interest of registration, it must be like a group.

1) They must tackle child marriage.

2) They have to create centres in each local government in the country, the aim of these centres will be to provide:

A) Advice and awareness on sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids and HIV.

B) Creating awareness about cancer.

C) Counselling women during and after childbirth.

D) Family planning.

E) Early pregnancy.

F) Unwanted pregnancy.

G) Advice and support in dealing with peer pressure for the virgins.

H) Vouchers for vegetables for the poor and unsupported pregnant women and widows also vouchers for milk too for the children age 0-6 years.

I) Training and courses to help women to be self-employed or gain employment.

J) Start a cooperative bank to create loan facilities for the women starting a new business.

K) Domestic violence.

L) Help with housing and court cases.

M) Money management course is a must, cooking and self/ home management a must.

N) Advice and awareness to reduce deaths in childbirth.

This has nothing to do with politics but due to poverty, our women fall prey to paedophiles as children or some find their selves in early marriage or forced marriage.

Nigeria women need a centre to take care of their needs.

And the funding must come from the central Government, before budgeting 1Billion dollars on Boko Haram pleas think about the women and children.

This is a national project.”- Mary Oge Chuks


By marychuks.com

I am a passionate mum that believes in equal rights for all Humanity.

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