‘Mothers, Your Daughters Are Exposed To Rapists Under Any Of These Conditions’

 ‘Mothers, Your Daughters Are Exposed To Rapists Under Any Of These Conditions’ 


1. If your daughter is made to hawk anything on the road.

2. If your daughter is still with his father after separating from him.

3. If your daughter is a house maid somewhere..

4. If you are married to another man who is a drunkard and your daughter stays with you people.

5. If your daughters lives with uncles, nephews, other male family members while you are not there.

6. If you leave your baby girl at home in care of nobody.

7. If you allow your daughter to be running errands for men who live alone.

8. If you don’t care about the movements of your daughters.

9. If you live in an isolated environment where it is easy to commit any crime.

10. If you go out to anywhere and leave your daughters to play around the premises.

11. If you allow your teenage girls to dress carelessly outside the premises.

12. If your own son has male friends who visit your home regularly.

13. If your own son and daughters are exposed to pornographic films, internet, pictures etc.

14. If you have ever caught your husband romancing or kissing your daughter (this happens).

15. If there are rapists in your compound where sexual assaults have taken place.

16. If your own sons are exposed to alcohol and drugs and they stay with your daughters.

17. If your teenage girls flock around with male friends with questionable characters.

18. If your daughter is in a school where sexual assault has taken place.

19. If your landlord is a womanizer and a drunkard and he stays in the same premises with you.

20. If your daughter tells you that some guys are harassing her sexually, etc.

*Dear Mothers,* if you notice any of the above and many more things happening your babies, little girls and teenage girls who are your daughters, these are RED FLAGS to be aware of.
Take every precaution to safeguard your daughters. Monitor them regularly. Counsel your teenage girls and pray for them regularly

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  1. Careful points!

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