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I’m truly in love with this guy. We are happy together, We understand each other perfectly. With him I’m � myself, No pretence. Same with him. He’s everything I want in a man, but the problem is that: he doesn’t have money. He keeps trying, but things are not working. no job and he’s from a family where everyone are on their own facing their challenges, no support.

He’s 35yrs this yr and I’m 30 already. He wants to get married, but he can’t afford it.

Lately, I buy almost everything for him, to support him. 

Age is not on my side, yet the only man I love and that loves me can’t afford to marry me. If we’re married, it will be easy for me to share everything with him without my family members putting eyes. 

My Aunt called me that i should accept a financially stable man instead of being with a man who can not afford to take care of me. 
I have little money I saved to support my wedding as well, but he have nothing. 

Married people in the house please help.
I want to have direction plan for my life coming year. 

Marrying the one you love or the one that’s financially stable. What’s your advice and opinion?



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2 thoughts on “Marrying Financially Stable One Or The One You Love, Which One Is Better?”
  1. To be financially stable is good, but money and love are two different things, is like hunger and beauty bcs beauty fade bt hunger remain…..
    You married someone bcs of their money once the money finish where is the love u are talking abt…….
    Is just like earning respect by give people money if u can’t be able afford that again 4get abt respect infact they will be the first one mocking u……..
    Go for love in there u will find peace, bcs money will finish love still remain!!!
    But this life of ours is hardly to comprehend………

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