Man Discovers Marijuana Inside Yam He Was Given To Deliver Abroad

A Nigeran man is in the mood to praise as he discovers something incriminating inside of a tuber of Yam he was meant to help take to a friend abroad.

The Man was asked to help take the item to a friend abroad, but he decided to check it out to see what is in it, only for him to discover a huge quantity of the substance well hidden inside the yam.

According to him, as he was cleaning the first tuber, water started coming out. When he looked closely, he saw a needle inside and as he drew the needle, lo and behold, he saw hard drugs in the yam. This to warn people to always check whatever they are given to deliver to someone while traveling.

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  1. Oh boy God save the man ooo ahhh marijuana? Hmm

  2. May Almighty God safe us always…..

  3. May God prevent our family’s from these ooh

  4. May God always protect us from evil plans of our enemies.

  5. Plan work of Nigeria 😂

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