I tested my husband-to-be loyalty with my best friend, what my friend sent back to me made me cry.

My man is the best in the world, he never ceases to amaze me with his kind heart and care. I love him so much until my best friend sent something about him to me.

The saga started in November, last year, my friend’s boyfriend dumped her for another girl and she was so bitter about it. I and my other two friends visited her.

She was so devastated, she cried and said all men are the same!

I tried to console her that there are still good men out there and she will find her soul mate soon. I mentioned how my man has been very caring that she would be lucky to find someone just like him. This resulted in an argument that we later forgot the main issue at hand. She said that she’s going to prove to me that men can’t be trusted.

Later that day, she texted me on Whatsapp and we made a bet.

I agreed to the bet because I am willing to know the kind of Man I’m set to marry. I feel there’s a lot about him I’m yet to understand. Come to think of it, a man that doesn’t quarrel, smoke, drink nor fornicate, there’s probably a bad side of him that he is hiding.

Some weeks later, my friend gave me feedback on the test.

She explained how faithful and disciplined my man was. She told me that he didn’t even look at her twice when she started seducing him.

“If you see how your Bobo chased me like a dog”, she concluded.

I felt so happy and proud of him at the same time. I mocked my friend and told her to keep her distance from him to avoid quarrels.

Shortly after that, I started noticing some strange behaviour in my man. Although he did not tell me what exactly my friend did to him. I sat him down several times to ask what the problem was, but he kept on saying he has a problem at work.

Fast forward to October this year, I got a knock on my door. Alas! , it was my friend’s younger sisters. She stretched an envelope to me and left rudely.

This is unusual, I opened the envelope and saw an invitation card inside it.

I read it painstakingly thrice just to be sure my eyes are not deceiving me. It was an invitation letter to her wedding with my fiancee.

It was dated December 19, I was so sad and confused. The date is still far and there might be a chance to get my man back.

The problem is that I don’t know if he is worth fighting for.

Please advise me, I know my friend must have done something fishy to him.

I really love my man.

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