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I Offended My Wife And She Is Denying Me Sex

I Offended My Wife And She Is Denying Me Sex

I know this may rock the table at various point with various reasons. Yet, I want to ask the women and the wife’s, who may be in this at this time or who have done this before as a get back response to pepper their man just for offending them. Did this solve the matter? And then I am asking, please what lesson or point do you want your man to get or gain, when he offends you and he is asking to be intimate with you and you are carrying the gateway to his kingdom away?

Has this pepper him approach solved any thing? I don’t think so.

I wish we know that sex in marriage is a powerful tool. And so to use it againt your husband is like using a weapon against yourself. It does not end well. It will affect your whole family. Because once your man is no longer focused at work,all he now sees are ladies in the mini’s and the bikini’s and the spaghettis and noodles, things he has been seeing but because he has a woman who is giving it to him well and with joy, na wahala dey knock o.

So what should you do woman?
Your bobo offended you, and one way or the other he hasn’t apologize yet. He is forming and shurning and not even paying attention to you. So it looks as if the both of you are doing Tom and Jerry in your home.

Then 10pm he is coming close to you bringing his key. He want to enter Into the tabernacle and just be lost there. Abeg wife, woman, this is not the time to turn , then you look at him , and then you now hissed and cover yourself with the duvet. Noooo!!!
He has only come to resolve matters. Lol! Welcome him, calm him down and then take him to paradise gradually and steadily. Don’t raise the matter of what he has done yet. While he is still worshipping and doing all of the different worship styles let him. When you have taken him there and then back, this is the time to open up your heart. Tell him his offense and how hurt you have been. Pour out everything.

I know some men are insensitive. Immediately they have stood up from the place of worship, and then dash out leaving the woman just their. Yet, for a majority this is the time they just want to listen and truly listen. When a man truly know what it means for him to have been taken to the tabernacle of worship and back by his wife whom he has offended, he will apologize. For someone like me, I won’t only apologize alone, I ma take her shopping, I will make feel like the woman she is. I will kindly that light again. Sabi it was the tabernacle you she took you to, Kai !!! Wait until she takes you to paradise all because you triggered the girls and the beautiful woman in her.

We men have lost our wives because we weren’t sensitive. And by the time we are realizing the damage has gone too deep and things done spoil far.

So in summary, and in conclusion, denying your husband sex because of offense isn’t the way. There are better ways and approaches that brings the result you desire.

Kindly leave you comments I would be reading and replying. Peace.

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  1. Kinda true tho

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