How Nigerians Are Getting Teaching Jobs In UAE


Seeing that teaching is a lucrative job in UAE, and that it has one of the highest employment opportunities for immigrants especially Nigerians, I decided to write an exposé on this and inform you about how you can readily get a teaching job in the UAE.

Some of the tips and information I am giving here are confirmed, tested and trusted. Some of them are gotten from Nigerians currently holding teaching professions in UAE

Lemme reiterate again that teaching job is indeed lucrative over here. So let’s start. What are the things Nigerian teachers in UAE did, and you need to do to secure a teaching job in the Arab country?

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1) You must have a degree in Education. Unlike Nigeria , UAE is very particular about your first degree when it comes to teaching. You have a higher advantage than other applicants if you have a degree in Education.

2) You must have at least two years experience. As i told you in my other videos about how to get jobs in Dubai, you need experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have the experience in Nigeria or any other country, just have a little bit of experience in the field you are applying for. Trust me, it is not difficult to get a teaching experience. Abi primary or sec schools don finish for your area? Shey u no serve ni? Lol

3) You must attestate your certificate. Last time I checked you can only do that in Abuja. You must attestate your certificate at all these places;
Nigerian Ministry of education.
Nigerian Foreign affairs
UAE embassy

4) You will need a letter of eligibility to submit to your recruiter

5) You need a comprehensive CV. Hey, it doesn’t have to be a book or journal of your work adventure. Nah. Just two pages of solid info about your work experience is enough

6) Submit your CV/Resume on UAE department of education website. They give out jobs to people all over the world. You can get your lucky break from there.

7) Make Use of Recruitment Agencies. These agencies are often the go-to of schools looking to employ teachers. In my video I listed some sites where you can submit your CV and get employment opportunities in UAE for free.

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