Egyptian, Moroccan Startups Makes List of Google’s Regional Startups Accelerator

Startups from Egypt and Morocco have been chosen for the second cohort of the Google for Startups Accelerator Middle East and North Africa, a three-month digital accelerator programme for seed to Series A technology startups based in the region.

The programme, which will run virtually until the end of September, will see 12 selected startups receive mentorship in machine learning, cloud, digital marketing, product design/UX, customer acquisition, and leadership development.

They will also be connected with VCs, while Google will offer workshops on design thinking to all startups that have applied for the second cohort. The 12 selected startups come from six Arab countries across automotive, agriculture, fitness, fintech, real-estate, e-commerce and entertainment.

Four are from Egypt, namely ElCoach, a fitness app that offers hyper-personalised fitness and nutrition plans based on each individual needs and goals; FreshSource, a B2B fresh food supply platform; Hekouky, an online legal-tech platform; and Zammit, an e-commerce website builder. Also selected was Morocco’s MyTindy, a marketplace that introduces everyone to Morocco’s local products designed by talented craftspeople.

The cohort also includes three startups from Saudi Arabia (Ejaro, OTO, and Sabbar), two from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Bankiom and Invygo), and one each from Jordan (Mawsuah) and Bahrain (SINC).

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