CCTV footage captures boy stealing from a woman’s car while she was putting shopping bags in her trunk (video)


CCTV footage shows the moment a street urchin opened a woman’s car and stole her purse while she was feet away putting things in her trunk.


In the video, the woman is seen with a shopping cart in a mall car park. Her trunk is open as she loads the things she bought in there with the help of a man who is with her.


While they are at it, a boy stealthily walks to the driver’s door and tries to open it. It proves hard at first but he eventually manages to open it then he leans in and steals her purse and walks away without being noticed by the woman and her make companion.


The video has confused viewers as they question how the pair couldn’t see the boy or hear him open the door.


Watch the video below.




Comments (4)

  1. The thief think there are smart

  2. O boy am sure that was not his first time

  3. Street hard for the homeless child, that’s hw dey survive too…
    Just bcs u are homeless doesn’t make u a thief, u are just homeless not hopeless……

  4. Chaii God no go shame us ooh

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