Always Go “Raw” With Multiple Partners Until STI Taught Me A Hard Lesson

Always Go “Raw” With Multiple Partners Until STI Taught Me A Hard Lesson

My friends always call me “CR7 womanizer” due to my habit of moving with multiple partners.

It all began last week when I had unprotected sex with one of my partners. I started having inching on my male organ. I noticed it was suddenly swollen. I was still forming boss until I noticed yellowish sperm like discharge gushing out from the tip of my penis.

At first, I thought it was pre-cum. I cleaned it up and packaged it back into my boxer. Few minutes later, i felt wetness and stains all over my boxers. Behold what I just cleaned showed up again.

I screemed and cleaned it up again still wondering if there can be ejaculation without erection and stimulation.

It didn’t end there. I began to urinate frequently and it felt like hell discharging urine, my feet held tightly to the ground, body stiffened and screaming followed.

I was in pains for good three days walking around with embarrassing wet boxers with offensive smell from the dripage. I began to pray. I thought my penis was becoming rotten because I have never experienced such. I thought the tube that controls sperm/urine had ruptured.

After a week of no relief and erection, I summoned the courage to see my doctor. He ran some test and said I have Chlamydia STI(sexually transmitted infection). He administerd some drugs to me and also run HIV test on me which I came out NEGATIVE.

Please share your first time experience with STD and STI so that our fellow RAW men can learn.

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