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Nigerian Startups Dominates Sixth Google For Starters Acceleration Africa

Nigerian Startups Dominates Sixth Google For Starters Acceleration Africa Nigeria startup dominates the sixth Google for startup Acceleration Africa with six startups and joined by three from South Africa, two from Kenya and one startup from Ethiopia, Ghana, Tunisia and Rwanda. Fifteen startups from across Africa was been selected to participate in the event and this year…

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Problems Young Developers Face In Nigeria – Tech (Programming)

Problems Young Developers Face In Nigeria – Programming Thanks for coming in.I will like to point out 6 problems young developer face in Nigeria. I will explain it as stages so as to show you how hard and most times stressful trying to be a successful programmer in Nigeria. 1. Electricity.I have to add this to number…

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The Unprecedented Story of Sowemimo Abiodun

Sowemimo Abiodun Alex (born on December 25th, 1986) He’s a multiple award-winning Computer Programmer, Financial Technologist, Diplomat, Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Broker, Computer Media Applications & Online Reputation Management Mogul with an estimated net worth of over $423.7 million. He is the Founder/CEO of iNet Telecommunications, CapitalMetriQ Swift Bank & InfoMetriQ Data Network. He is best known as…

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Mystery anomaly weakens Earth’s magnetic field, report scientists

A strange weakness in the Earth’s protective magnetic field is growing and possibly splitting, shows data. “The South Atlantic Anomaly” in the Earth’s magnetic field is growing and possibly splitting, shows data. The information was gathered by the ESA’s Swarm Constellation mission satellites. The changes may indicate the coming reversal of the North and South Poles. A…

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Facebook is constructing a huge undersea cable around Africa to boost internet access in the continent

KEY POINTS Facebook is building a 37,000-kilometer long undersea cable around Africa to provide it with better internet access. The subsea cable will interconnect 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Facebook says. The move highlights increased interest from Silicon Valley companies in Africa. Facebook announced on May 14 that it is building a 37,000-kilometer…

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This is so adorable!!! 20-Year-Old Man Built An Aircraft Training Replica In Adamawa (Photos)

A 20 year old talented Nigerian, Yahaya Usman built an aircraft training replica in Adamawa state Credit: Hausawa was last modified: November 27th, 2020

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Ingressive for Good partners Facebook to empower African Youth with digital skills

Ingressive For Good has unveiled a digital skills training program in partnership with Facebook to help African youth leverage digital tools to move their brands and career forward. The I4G Facebook program covers topics on brand storytelling, community building, advertising, audience discovery, and using digital tools (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.) to promote yourself and advance in your career. The training is…

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