Your Father’s duty is  to take care of you, not your boyfriend, go and hustle – Blessing Okoro slams slayqueens

In new content she uploaded on her monetized social media platforms, relationship coach and sex therapist Blessing Okoro has slammed women for depending on men to shoulder their financial needs. 

According to Okoro, it’s out of place for a woman to expect her man to take care of her when they are yet not married.

She argued that a woman is supposed to take care of herself or continue to receive money from her father and not the man she’s dating.

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Blessing Okoro recently touted her credentials in the relationship department in a new post she shared on the internet.

In a new post that buttresses why she’s the relationship expert that she is, the vlogger said no man she has ever dated has ever cheated on her before.

Well, she somewhat provided a wobbly explanation to her statement, saying it’s because she doesn’t police their movement or invade their privacy.

Beyond that- she also said she makes it clear to her man that the very day he raises the cheating flag, she leaves.

She wrote; “I have never in my life experienced cheating my relationships or marriage…..

Cheating is one thing I am yet to experience in my relationships or marriage. I think my Men are smart, or maybe I don’t search or go looking for anything I didn’t keep. Or because I always tell them from day 1, if cheat I leave”


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