Woman discovered she was pregnant when she went to the bathroom and noticed two feet protruding.


As her period was coming at the end of the week, 22-year-old Lucy Jones explained the pains in her back and stomach as period symptoms.

The following morning, she hurried to the bathroom after feeling her stomach “flop.”

As she was finishing her business, she heard a “crash” and then noticed “two feet coming out” of the toilet bowl when she peered down.

Lucy had just given birth and was indeed pregnant, but she had no idea.

Lucy Jones had no idea she was pregnant (Picture: Kennedy News)

The ‘terrified’ first-time mother claims she had no idea she was pregnant because she experienced no symptoms, continued to take her birth control pill every day, and continued to have periods.

The aspiring cabin crew member also claims that she underwent a medical check while unwittingly eight months pregnant and was given the all-clear to fly.

Two pregnancy tests also yielded negative results.

The new mother claims that throughout her pregnancy, she worked 70-hour weeks, frequently drank, and went partying about 15 times, including just three days before giving birth.

The birth of Ruby, who is now four months old, came as a surprise, but Lucy is overjoyed with how everything turned out.

Lucy continued to have periods and had no visible bump (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

I had a period every month and I had no bump or nausea, according to Bristol resident Lucy.

I had to take two negative pregnancy tests because of my new position as a cabin crew member.

When I went for my checkup and took the pregnancy tests, I would have been eight months pregnant.

“He [the doctor] pressed all the way down on my body and tummy and showed no signs of suspicion.”

I continued to take the medication. I had been taking it for six or seven years, every day.

I put it down to overeating and drinking after Christmas by saying, “I went up one dress size and then I dropped back down again.”

The mum continued to drink and go out while unknowingly pregnant (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Lucy had been preparing to work as cabin crew while managing a tavern prior to giving baby.

After a week of training, she returned home for two days, at which time Ruby was born.

I felt back and stomach pain the night before, but I attributed it to the fact that I was due for my period at the end of the week, said Lucy.

I had a bath in the morning and decided to take a nap before returning to Bristol for work.

“I was in bed for about 45 minutes when I felt like I wanted to poop. It felt like my stomach had flipped, is the only way I can describe it.

“I sprinted to the bathroom and gave birth to my daughter alone in the bathroom at home.”

I looked down after hearing a crash and saw two feet protruding from the toilet.

“I wasn’t in any agony.” Nobody would think that.

“I had a gut ache and a backache, but there wasn’t any discomfort when I was physically pushing out what I believed was a poo,” the person said.

Lucy wants to raise awareness of cryptic pregnancies (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Before putting her kid under the kitchen sink, Lucy covered her with a towel.

When she realized she was alone at home, she called her father, who then returned around 10 minutes later.

On their way, they called for an ambulance as well.

Lucy said, “Until I saw the baby in the toilet, I had no idea I was pregnant.

They were anticipating a miscarriage, not a full-sized, seven-pound baby in their kitchen sink, when I screamed hysterically, “There’s a baby!”

“I was scared. I had no idea what had struck me. Just the shock did it. In some ways, I was numb.

I can’t really remember anything from that time until around 1pm when I was in the hospital because when my parents entered through the door, everything became a bit hazy since, in my opinion, shock just took over.

When I hurried from the bathroom to the kitchen to fetch my phone, the cord had broken, and blood was just dripping out. This is how my father described the kitchen.

The walls, door, refrigerator, and freezer were all affected.

Lucy was quickly transported to the hospital in an ambulance following the arrival of the paramedics.

Fortunately, she and Ruby were unharmed. The mother is adjusting to life as an unexpected parent several months later.

I feel like I did okay, she said. ‘I’ve adjusted to parenting quite well, and I had to adjust pretty soon, obviously.

“Everyone basically said I adapted to it like a duck to water,” I added.

You don’t think it’s true, and you sort of hold it against other people, wondering, “How did they not realize that they were pregnant?”

After experiencing it myself, I kind of regret having that thought.

It really does happen; it is a real phenomenon.

Now that I’ve started the injection, I’m hoping there won’t be any more surprises. Like my father indicated, he would like at least nine months’ notice if I had any more.

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