Who Served the Other Person Breakfast? Nigerians Ask As BBNaija Vee and Neo Reportedly Break Up

BBNaija Lockdown couple Vee and Neo have got Nigerians talking on social media over their relationship Some people on Twitter reported that the BBNaija stars have gone their separate ways, although no reasons were stated Fans of the BBNaija stars did not believe the news while others made a case for Vee if it was her who left the relationship

A young lady took to her Twitter page to ask if what she heard about BBNaija stars Vee and Neo is true. According to her, she heard that the reality stars had broken up. The lady then added that she heard the couple were going to get married in 2022 and their fans were contributing towards the ceremony.

BBNaija Vee and Neo reportedly break up. Photos: @neo_akpofure, @veeiye Source: Instagram

Another Twitter user asked who said Neo and Vee broke up and a young man answered that Neo confirmed the news

Nigerians react While some fans found the news unbelievable, others wanted to know who walked out on the other person. thesheriffshow: “So you don’t know whether it’s true or not, yet you decided to spread the gossip? Why?”

ruth_emmanuel_eyong: “Storyyyyyyyy, this two are inseparable.” the.oyintarie_: “Where is the private chat? Neo recently wished Vee’s mom happy birthday sha.” charles_tijan: “But why am I laughing wen I’m not a wizard.” mkpurumma76: “Well am not suprise bcos everyone want peace…Neo sister always insult vee so what do u have her do? Get married where she is not wlcmd? Secondly same you fans give them the reason to dislike the innocent girl seeing her as if she is a bad person now guess u all will be fine..but am proud of vee bcos she is always standing on the right side.”

sadiqq.x: “Vee actually deleted the post she made for neo on his birthday. Hehe.” badt_girl_riri: “It’s not true, Neo still wished Vee’s mom a happy birthday few days ago.” cynthia.adannaya: “U are yet to confirm it, so why are you posting it.” munniratuh: “No please not my NeoVee but he (neo)wishes vee’s mum happy birthday when bee posted her mum wishing her happy birthday! I suspect they’ve an argument and it’s normal for two people who are dating….”

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