When he was attacked by sharks while on vacation in the Bahamas, a British kid felt he was going to die.

While having fun in the water, Finley Downer received at least three nurse shark bites.

The eight-year-old was left with significant leg injuries but his sister prevented him from suffering more severe wounds.

He was rescued from the ocean by nine-year-old Lily so that he could undergo an urgent three-hour surgery.

They were on a dream five island vacation of the lovely area when they were attacked while playing in a lagoon.

His mother Kerry, 40, claimed that after tourists began “chucking their food into the ocean,” Finley was attacked on an outing.

It wasn’t Fin’s fault, Kerry, who is separated from dad Michael, told MailOnline. As part of the tour, he was urged to into the water; he had no idea not to.

But when people began throwing their lunch into the water, sharks began to attack the man. He was just submerged for a brief period of time. Simply put, it was an accident.

Finley Downer pets the shark before the attack (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley was left with grisly bite marks on his legs (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley was bitten on both legs (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley Downer was attacked when people threw their lunch in the water (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley’s dad said it was a scene like out of Jaws the movie (Picture: Michael Downer)

Before being transported to the capital Nassau in a hasty, $2,000 flight, Finley had to be taken to a neighboring clinic on a buggy to have his wounds bandaged.

Dad My son could have been killed, Michael, 44, told The Sun. It was just like a scene from Jaws.

Suddenly, according to Mr. Downer, he “heard a horrified scream and saw hundreds (of sharks) circling Finley.”

He continued saying, “Dad, I don’t want to die,” said the sales director. My dad, I don’t want to enter paradise.

There was a ton of blood, he added. His limb was missing in places.

Finley Downer was on holiday in the Bahamas with his family when the attack happened (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley rests up in hospital with bandages on his leg (Picture: Michael Downer)
Nursing sharks are a famous attraction in the Bahamas (Picture: Michael Downer)
Finley is back on two feet with bandages on his legs (Picture: Michael Downer)
Tourists travel from around the world to pet the famous Bahamas nurse sharks (Picture: Shutterstock / Zoe Esteban)

The family was visiting Compass Cay for a supervised swim as part of their nature outing.

Exuma Escapes, the travel company, stated the family entered a territory not covered by its tour without a guide.

According to it, unless they are handled improperly, the animals are typically gentle, non-predatory creatures.

Although Finley needs a wheelchair and has been informed that he will have scars, he is recovering at home in Kettering.

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