We Have Been Abandoned By The US & NATO Because They Are Afraid Of Russia – Ukrainian President Says

According to a report by Guardian, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy addressed his country by saying: “For the second time, we are left alone in defense of our country. Who is ready to fight with us? Honestly no one. Who is ready to give Ukraine a guarantee of NATO membership? Honestly, everyone is afraid of Moscow.”

It’s a pity that Ukraine learned its lesson in a very costly way, NATO and America would never have engaged in a fight with Russia, their banking on them was a very costly calculation and a wrong move. At times being called a coward for the sake of other lives could be an antidote to staying alive.

Zalesky allows his country to be deceived and allowed his county to be pushed into a war Ukraine is bound to lose when he weighs the benefits his country stands to benefit through its membership in NATO or Peace with its Nuclear superpower neighbor, Russia. It’s foolhardy for Ukraine to allow the situation to degenerate to this level.

Neither the US nor any European nation will dare send its troops to fight alongside Ukraine for fear of the unknown, that is why all countries want to be Nuclear capable both Russia and US are aware of the “self-assured mutual destruction” situation hence avoiding direct war confrontation but only through surrogacy for which Ukraine accepts shouldering.

People should know that the West is afraid of Russia yet they keep instigating the crisis. This same thing happened in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea and no Western country helped Ukraine. All they do is make noise and talk of sanctions that are of little effect. The biggest surprise is that Ukraine refused to see the reality of the US and NATO not being ready to come to its aid whenever a war breaks out and to be more diplomatic and live in peace with its strong neighbor Russia.



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