Vitaliy Urzhumov: The Russian Artist Creating Surrealist Paintings Featuring Lemons

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Russian artist Vitaliy Urzhumov is gaining recognition for his amazing surrealist paintings that feature lemons. Urzhumov’s art is a tribute to the lemon fruit, which he finds fascinating and inspiring.

So, why lemons? According to Urzhumov, lemons are sunny, pleasant to the touch, and have a unique scent that can clean up space, revive, and give a rush of energy. He believes that in his past life, he was an Arab perfumer who created “sun-lemon” perfume. While he did not become a perfumer in this life, he has continued his fascination with lemons through his art.

Urzhumov’s paintings are created using a naturalistic approach, using a small brush to study and understand the interaction between objects and the nature of shadows and reflections. Through his art, he aims to understand the nature of lemons and ultimately, himself.

Urzhumov’s paintings are not just visually stunning but also thought-provoking, drawing the viewer into an unusual and magical world stroke by stroke. He enjoys creating realistic things that are not, and the contemplation of his art fills the body with vitamin.If you’re interested in seeing more of Urzhumov’s work, be sure to check out his website and follow him on social media. His art is a testament to his unique vision and creative talent and will undoubtedly leave you fascinated by the beauty and mystery of lemons.


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