Unique Colorful Low Poly Sculptures by Okuda San Miguel

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Okuda San Miguel (formerly) is a multi-disciplinary Spanish artist most known for his colorful interventions in and on buildings all over the world, particularly the massive geometric figurative murals on their façade. This time, he made a series of seven polygonal sculptures with multicolored facets, which he placed on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. The show was called Air Sea Land.

In artistic creations that could be classified as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms, multicolored geometric structures and patterns are combined with gray bodies and organic forms. His works frequently raise contradictions regarding existentialism, the Cosmos, the infinite, the purpose of life, capitalism’s false freedom, and illustrate an obvious clash between modernity and our roots; finally, between man and nature. For more Info: website, facebook.com instagram.com


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