Top Seven Countries for Immigrants 2022

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Before you consider leaving your own country in pursuit of greener pasture, think of what your priorities are and choose the right country that will be best for you .

With thorough research, these are the top seven best countries for immigrants in 2022

All these countries has thriving economies, liberal immigration policy and services for their immigrants.

  1. Sweden

Sweden has been rated as the best country in the world for immigrants, ahead of Canada and Switzerland.

Sweden’s decision to accept a high number of immigrants has resulted in a more diverse society, with migrants accounting for roughly 10% of its 9.8 million people.

2. Canada 

Many migrants find refuge in Canada. It is one of the most welcoming country  in the world, and the United Nations has named it one of the greatest places to live. The country is wealthy in natural and oil resources and has some of the world’s greatest high institutions. The country has a low rate of crime and violence, as well as a good standard of living. All of these factors combine to make it a popular and best place for immigrants.

3. United Arab Emirate UAE 

The UAE is a tax-free country with an extremely low crime rate. Her oil-rich dynamic economy draws people from all over the world to become residents. The country also has a low corruption rate, making it a popular relocation choice for many people around the world.  

 4. Norway

Norway is a calm, pollution-free, and hospitable country go for greener pasture. In its higher learning institutions, the wealthy country provides free education. Many individuals select Norway as an immigration option because of its natural beauty and calm way of life. Furthermore, immigration regulations in Norway are not very strict. 

 5. Finland

If the peace and Comfort offered by Canada and Norway aren’t enough, Finland is the next best country you can travel to for your search for greener pasture.  The country is the safest in the world, and its capital, Helsinki, is among the most livable cities in the world.

6. Spain

Spain is comprised of a number of semi-independent “communities.” Each of these historical kingdoms’ cultural influence enables a nation with a diversified and vibrant population to thrive economically. High population of the  Immigrants to Spain come from a wide range of countries, including Romania, Argentina, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Morocco and  Nigeria

Spain’s broad and diversified patchwork of culture attracts immigrants from all over the world.

7. Australia

Australia, with a population of 23.7 million people, is a prosperous country with a strong international presence, strong citizenship rights, opportunities for entrepreneurs, economic stability, and a substantial public services sector. Aside from job opportunities, Australia has a large English-speaking population, a safe environment, and a high degree of satisfaction among its citizens

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