TOP 5 Cryptocurrencies Under $ 1! That Can Make You A Dollar Millionaires In 2022!


These Cryptocurrencies have potentials of up to 500x …


Before we talk about these cryptocurrencies, I want to talk about MarketCap!

Not the price of a cryptocurrency shows its value, but this MarketCap!

After clarifying this, let’s quickly move on to the 5 cryptocurrencies I recommend!

1. Cro ( currency )

CRO is the native currency of the exchange!

It is the most popular exchange in terms of growth, I am sure that in 2021 you have only seen ads from, they have been promoted a lot, they have come to sponsor formula 1, they have come to sponsor a stadium in America , we can say that it has become a real global trend!

CRO is the currency we use to interact with the Blockchain! If we use the Blockchain we will definitely need this currency!

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CRO has the potential to reach the level of the BNB currency of Binance!

2. HBAR ( Hedera )

Hedera is a smart contract platform in my opinion much better than Ethereum! This Hedera company is run by a governing board made up of very large companies such as Google, Telekom or Lg and many more.

This currency has great potential in the future but one negative point is that it suffers from a marketing point of view!

In my opinion in the future Hedera may reach the level of Ethereum but let’s say it does not reach there and reaches the level of Cardano, that means an increase of 700%!

3. VET ( VeChain )

It is a currency similar to ChainLink that aims to solve through their BlockChain the problems of the global data source industries, smart contract platforms that are mainly addressed to industries!

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This cryptocurrency has the potential to surpass ChainLink because it has much higher investment behind the project and if it reached the same level as ChainLink it would mean a 100% increase in your investment!

Remember that a 100% yield is not so easy to find!

4. XDC ( XDC Network )

XDC is another smart contract platform that wants to facilitate international financial transactions!

It is a project similar to XRP or Stelar, the technology behind it is very good, the investments behind it are again very good and in my opinion in 2021 their main problem was marketing!

But based on the fundamentals, they are at the same level as Stelar and if they reach the same level of capitalization as those at Stelar, then the XDC cryptocurrency would reach the price of $ 0.6, which means an increase of 500%!

5. TEL ( Telcoin )

This currency is one of the few cryptocurrencies in the field of telecommunications, this field is not very popular at the moment but I think it has a great potential to evolve in the future!

In my opinion, they can reach the level of those from EOS and if they reached their level of capitalization, this would mean that the cryptocurrency would be worth $ 0.05, which means a 400% increase!

Remember, I’m not a financial analyst, I don’t give financial advice and if you went after me without doing your own research you deserve to lose all your money ! ! !

Invest only what you are prepared to lose!

Signed Buzurin Daniel

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