The Wild Bond Between Women and Animals is Captured in Artist’ “Abstract Realism” Paintings

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The creative artist by the name Dimitra Milan is a genius in her field. Right from her teenage , she has worked as a professional artist, inspired by her artist parents and directed by her innate talent for fusing realism with vibrant, ethereal settings. The enticing combination is known as abstract realism. Each painting invites you to explore and reflect on the color, symbolism, and technique with its identifiable forms and free-flowing parts.

In Milan’s work, women and animals frequently appear to be her favorite characters. She tells My Modern Met, “I always go back to this narrative of a woman with an animal. “The women I portray are symbols; they stand for the part of us that knows deep down that everything is possible. 
Everything in nature, especially animals, has a deeper meaning that extends beyond our surface comprehension of its function.

“I don’t set out to depict a notion when I paint; I try to figure it out after I’m done. Wolves continue to be my favorite subject matter to paint since they have such nuanced symbolism and so much emotional significance. You may learn to paint like Milan on modern met, an e-learning platform with online courses in a number of creative areas, if you share our appreciation for her works’ beauty and intrigue. Abstract Realism: Introduction to Mixed Media Painting is the name of Milan’s course. You’ll collaborate throughout the course of several lessons to create your own unique abstract Realist art. Right from the time she was a teenager, Dimitra Milan has worked as a professional artist.

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