American ceramicists Erika Novak and Drew Darley, also known as Round Trip Clayworks, have their home base in Connecticut. Erika’s magnificent hand-carved patterns and decorations, featured in this collection, are inspired by a combination of art deco, mid-century modern, and art nouveau style. Drew specializes in crystalline glazes and bottle forms. For more info;website

Each piece of pottery is individually hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel and then carefully carved or polished. Unique high-fire stoneware or crystalline glazes are used to glaze the pieces. Every item, from mugs to vases, is entirely unique and made with the best craftsmanship possible. Crystalline glazes and bottle forms are Drew’s area of expertise. Each of his glazes is painstakingly designed and hand-mixed in small batches. When Drew is tossing on the wheel, form and shape serve as inspiration. Erika is an expert in hand-carved ornaments and patterns. There is a liveliness that is both opulent and grounded. Erika draws inspiration from a variety of design styles, including art nouveau, mid-century modern, and art deco, with a dash of kitsch from the 1970s.


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