Nathal national Pack Drakensberg

The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is a part of the Royal Natal National Park world heritage site. The Policeman’s Helmet is prominently displayed in the front, with the spectacular amphitheatre, the Eastern Buttress, and the Sentinel on either side. This sandstone building is highly named and is clearly seen from a great distance.

Distance: 10–12 km roundtrip. each direction takes roughly three hours.

Height: 1,811

An easy hike that is wonderful for kids and spring flowers. The Royal Natal National Park is home to 2,153 different plant species, 98 of which are indigenous, including the rare Protea nubigena (cloud protea), which may be found on high hills in the park.

Location of Royal Nathal National Pack Drakensberg, South Africa

Follow the Tugela Gorge trail beginning at the Tugela Gorge parking lot beneath Thendele camp. After passing the restroom facility, the trail enters a woodland. After passing the Tugela Gorge trail, turn left and continue straight. You’ll see the Vemvaan River on your left. A route emerges from the Thendele camp on your right a short bit farther. Continue on while ascending above the river. Avoid a second path coming from the right (also from Thendele).

After traveling down the main trail for about 300 meters, turn left. You are now ascending the Vemvaan Valley, famous for its protea and early-season blooms.

The path now turns to the left and starts to ascend, finally coming to the ridge where the Policeman’s Helmet is located.

An easy hike that is wonderful for kids and spring flowers.

You have two options for getting back: either retrace your steps or take the shorter but steeper way down. For the latter, proceed to the ridge’s end and turn toward Thendele camp. You can see a narrow trail zigzagging downhill if you look below. Just before the Vemvaan River, it joins the trail leading from the Tugela Gorge. Backtrack to the parking lot by crossing the river and turning right onto the same trail you used to enter the area. To get to the parking lot, cross the river, then keep going for approximately a kilometer.


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