The Peculiar Creatures of Clémentine Bal

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Clémentine Bal, a visual artist based in Val-Revermont, France, makes cute and terrifying strange creatures based on shapes found in nature and the manga universe.

She employs sculpting to create imaginative characters by combining shapes seen in nature. These creatures have a lot of gentleness because to their clean lines, peaceful looks, and delicate postures. Clémentine sees spirits in everything, including volcanoes, things, and plants. Layer by layer, inert substance springs to life. These characters evoke the manga universe, Miyazaki’s creatures, traditional Japanese statuary, like small deities who are soft and caring. Clémentine Bal was born in 1979 in Paris and raised in Savoie. She graduated from Annecy’s School of Fine Arts. For more info: website.


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