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The name alone is enough to let you know that the monkey orchid is an adorable flower.

The Dracula simia, sometimes known as the “little dragon monkey,” is a native of the tropical highland forests of Southeastern Ecuador. It flourishes at heights of about 2,000 meters. To see these peculiar plants in their natural habitat, be prepared for a hike.

The beautiful faces produced by a handful of long petals definitely captivate our hearts about these little companions. While the flower’s center resembles our ancestors, the name refers to the two lengthy sepals (the portion of a flower that encloses the developing bud) placed at the base of the petals.

The aroma that the monkey orchid emits may be more appealing than its name or appearance. This specific species of orchid emits the aroma of ripe oranges as it blooms. What’s best about this Orchid is that,   Any time of the year, in any season, they can blossom.

Within the Dracula genus, there are more than 110 different varieties—Dracula amaliae and Dracula gigas are two of our other favorites—all of which have the same monkey-like face but varies in color and form.

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