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The Mediterranean region is home to the naked man orchid (O. italica), also known as the Italian orchid. On a single thick stalk, a closely packed cluster of pink, purple, or white flowers that mimic a man wearing a hat without clothes on him. 
The labellum that forms the limbs and torso is typically flecked, and the petals and sepals that make up the “hat” are often striped.

The Mediterranean region is the most common location for big groups of this species of orchid, which are also called Orchis italica.

Distribution of this Specie of Orchid

It is indigenous to western Asia (Cyprus, the East Aegean Islands, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey, and the Balearic Islands), southeastern Europe (Albania, Greece, Italy, Crete, Sicily, and former Yugoslavia), southwestern Europe (Spain, Portugal, and the Sardinian Islands), and northern Africa (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia).

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