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The enormous giant Sculpture has an expressionistic, snarling face and appears to be emerging from a hidden underground lair, raking the grass up to allow himself to be let out into the open air. According to the artist, the sculpture is completely selfie-compatible because it is painted in muted tones of gray that are connected with the earth and nature.

This magnificent open air sculpture was made by an Hungarian artist Ervin Lornth Herv it is titled Feltpve which means(“ripped up” or “popped up”) this beautiful gigantic sculpture features a huge man crawling out from the ground.
Herv encourages viewers to post photos of themselves with the sculpture on social media.

“In my opinion, this enormous artwork is truly contemporary. In an interview with Funzine, the artist explains that his intention was to “proves to people that contemporary art can be a vital component of a city, that it can become one of its building blocks.

Photo Credit : Lszl Balknyi

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