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 Hotou Wan is a small community in Gouqi Island. Shengshi is the largest island in China’s Zhoushan archipelago. About 50years ago  Hotou Wan was a flourishing fishing town with so much trading and Commercial activities, but as a result of the fishing problem brought on by industrialization, the locals dwellers gradually began to leave.

All of the residents had to relocate since the bigger ships could not fit into the smaller ports. A large portion of the modern Hutou Wang is fully covered with flora, with soft, complex vegetation covering the walls, roofs, steps, doors, and discarded materials in this same Community. Visitors can see melancholy and intriguing sights that show the passage of time. Even now, some of these homes are occupied by most of the local old fisher men who found it very difficult to leave their beautiful community despite the hardships they may encounter .

By Marvellos Yunusa

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