The Heaven’s Gate Mountain In Zhangjiajie, China

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In Zhangjiajie, China, there is a mountain called Tianmen Mountain, also known as Heaven’s Gate Mountain. For those who want to trek to the top, there are kilometers of pathways that go alongside with cliffs and include glass-bottomed areas.
Here you will also find the Tianmen Cave, one of Zhangjiajie’s most well-known attractions. In 2005, a cable car was built to assist in conveying tourist to the peak of the mountain,   At the peak, there is Tianmenshan Temple, a temple that was initially constructed in the Tang Dynasty (C.E. 618-907).

Heaven Gate cave 
A gigantic natural arch, known as Tianmen Mountain Cave or Heaven’s Gate Cave, which is measures 57 meters (187 feet) in width and 135 meters (442.91 feet) in height. The mountain is named from the arch, which resembles a mammoth portal into the heavens.

In 2011, a diver flew through the arch at the first World Wing Suit Championships, which was conducted at Tianmen Cave by the World Wing Suit League.

When it is foggy, the fog really passes through the arch, obstructing your sight while you walk, making it a spectacular sight to witness on a clear day.

The 999 Bends.

One of the most bizarre stretches of pavement on the planet is Tianmen Mountain Road. The “99 Bends” is another name for this road. Its well renowned for its 99 Bends curves and high, sharp ascent, thus the name 99Bends.
It begins at around 200 meters (656 feet) of height and finishes close to the peak at about 1,300 meters (4,265 feet). The entire length of the route is approximately 11 kilometers (6.84 miles).

Walk to Heaven

The 999 “steps to heaven” must be climbed in order to get to the top of the cave. Nine is a significant number in Chinese numbering method and is very unique, it signify immortality and everlasting. The arduous ascent takes roughly 30 minutes in total.

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