The Girl went from 320 to 80 Kilogram. She has grown into a True Beauty.

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Christina Phillips’ parents often engaged in continuous Fight,  which impacted the entire family negatively. She was really worried about it, so the only thing that made her feel better was food. Uncontrolled eating and stress eating both developed into habits that led to excessive weight gain.

Living was tough for the girl because of her excessive weight, but she made no effort to change it. She quit going out because she was embarrassed to be seen by others most especially her  friends. Kristina gained excessive weight over time to the point that she was unable to properly move or even take care of herself in her everyday life.

As a result, the doctors warned the girl, that because she was just 22 years, her life was in danger and things could get worse if she didn’t do anything about it..

Phillips made the choice to change her attitude towards food as a result. She submitted an application to a well-known television program where a nutritionist and a personal trainer help a contestant lose weight.

First, Kristina underwent surgery to eliminate her extra fat. She then had extensive training and recovery. She also received nutrition instruction. Additionally, the girl was able to shed 80 pounds while weighing 320 kg!

She no longer fears looking in the mirror, going outside, going shopping, etc.

Its natural range extends to the Isla de la Juvent as well.

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