The Erawan Falls-The Beauty of Thailand 

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. The Erawan Falls are located within the 210 square mile Erawan National Park, which is three hours by car from Bangkok and just outside the western Thai province of Kanchanaburi.

Within this gorgeous oasis is a lush rainforest sheltered by mountains that prevent the entry of eastern monsoons as well as magnificent waterfalls that sustain seven naturally occurring pools of fresh, clear water.

The Erawan Waterfall, formed by the Omtala and Mong Lai Springs, is well-known for its seven jumps that cross a lush forest home to gibbons, macaques, and lovely birds. The possibility to dive and slide amid supple limestone rocks is provided by these seven distinct levels, which are made up of magnificent pools connected to one another by miles-long path

The top level is difficult to get and fairly steep. It offers an amazing panoramic view and portrays the three-headed elephant of Hundu legend. For relaxing and extended swims, the third and fourth floors are simple to access. In the first, a waterfall cascades into a stunning blue lake, while in the second, the river has carved out some natural slides. The existence of little fish that feed on foot skins is another feature of these waters. These hardworking little fish are prepared to give these pools the ultimate all-natural pedicure and turn them into miniature spas.

The Erawan nature complex, is one of Thailand’s 110 most visited national parks, was founded in 1975 and is regarded by the majority of visitors as one of the most attractive places in all of Asia. With an elevation range of 195 to 995 meters, this magnificent paradise varies in its surroundings in accordance with altitude, providing views of constantly shifting and intriguing vistas. Of course, these spectacular waterfalls continue to be the main draw, making them a must-see location when traveling in this marvelous nation.

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