A new baby can be a significant adjustment for any family, but welcoming quadruplets is a completely other experience. Gaby Hagler, 40, and her husband Patrick, 50, both from Katy, Texas, have a child from a former relationship in addition to their two-year-old boy Sammy who they share. They were thrilled to learn they were expecting after trying for a fourth and last child to round out their family. But the sonographer revealed that they were expecting not one, but four babies at their 12-week checkup.

We felt it would be wonderful to have a fourth and last child, and we were unaware that we were expecting quadruplets until the sonographer started counting.

With four babies, everything has been completely restructured. With these new babies, we’re balancing our current lives, but so far, it’s been an honor and a delight.

After learning the unexpected news, Gaby had to undergo cervical cerclage surgery to close her cervix and prevent miscarriage. In order to give her newborn boys the best chance of reaching a weight of 4 pounds, Gaby was determined to live to 34 weeks, so she kept track of the number of calories she would need to do so.

“It was remarkable that she made it,” Patrick stated. The past month was quite demanding, and I’m very amazed and proud of Gaby that she got to her 34weeks 

At 34 weeks,  Gaby gave birth to four boys named Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane. Adam, weighing 4 lbs. 8 oz., Bennett, 4 lbs. 7 oz., Coby, 4 lbs., and Dane, 4 lbs.

Gaby and Patrick have to paint their toes a different color to distinguish between Bennett and Coby because of how similar they both look. Gaby and Patrick are delighted with their new additions despite the adjustment. I occasionally confuse the quads since Bennett and Coby resemble one another so much that I have to paint one of their toenails to tell their difference, according to Gaby. Coby has a white toenail while Bennett has a green one. Adam and Dane also,  but as they’ve become older, it’s easier to distinguish between them.

Every day, the family has been using up 47 nappies, 32 bottles, one and a half packets of wipes, and three loads of baby laundry every day,  It’s been difficult, but it’s been wonderful to have them all here so we could cuddle with them all, according to Gaby. To figure out the best method to accomplish it, we try a different feeding technique every day. Adam is the one who takes the lead, Coby is very cheerful, Bennett is very chilled, and Dane is our needy and vocal one. The quadruplets are growing stronger, and the entire family is settling in well. It’s the most difficult but also the most stunning thing that has ever happened to us.


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